Cyber-bullying: is there a solution?

Micromanaging won’t help children, they need space to explore and learn about themselves, and the world. However, can the internet really offer this?

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Is it all about power?

Since the Harvey Weinstein and, subsequently, the sexual harassment scandal surrounding Parliament has come to light all we have heard about is the all pervasive power the alleged perpetrators hold, over their unwitting victims. Conversely the accusers, or victims as they’re now commonly known, have been painted as powerless and passive victims of oppression and […]

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Thoughts on the General Election

This is possibly one of the most important elections in recent history. Although this is a cliche and has been applied to the last two elections, the timing – following the Brexit vote – represents an incredible opportunity for the British electorate to register it’s intentions about how they wish the country to be run. […]

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Why I am voting to leave the EU

While the politics of fear has so far gripped the campaign to remain in the EU, there is one shining beacon of hope left for anyone who believes in a principled debate around one of the most important decisions to be made in British political history: democracy. The lack of discussion around the issue is […]

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Assessing the education system

What is to be done with assessment? This seems to be on the lips of many teachers, head teachers, parents and, even, students at the moment. Recent revelations that teachers may have been fixing assessments and results, helping students unduly and outside of the regulated amounts with coursework and other non-exam assessments. This has been […]

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Trump, not the only bad smell

Is Donald Trump the most dangerous man in American or just an old-reactionary fart? Despite losing the Iowa caucus to the conservative-Evangelist, Ted Cruz, the stink Trump has made over the past several months has left many worried about who will hold the Presidential seat by the end of 2016. Last month British MPs debated […]

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